To promote an economically and socially independent society by aligning small holder farmers into a cooperative with a nucleus project to unlock the hidden potential and deliver high impact performance within the Community and the Country.


Job creation for millions of people through various sustainable projects across Africa for decades to come.


Our range of services, amongst other things, range from strategy and policy development to tailored solutions, which include:

  • Exploring the needs and challenges
  • Understanding the factors, demographics, resources and development of a suitable concept
  • Conducting feasibility studies and developing a business plan
  • Developing a bankable project model
  • Organizing a moderate project implementation model
  • Developing the work plan, employee policies, quality policies and certification
  • Packaging, processing and the development of the finished product
  • Promotion and marketing of the products
  • Continuous innovation and training thereby achieving better efficiencies and improvement in all aspects.
  • Skills transfer and capacity building
  • Ensuring all employees benefit from a shareholding scheme.