Stellenbosch, Western Cape – 2017 – 2018 Project

AgriLiving- Small Scale Farmer to Smart Scale Farmer

SynergyAgriLiving management model – Practically show the farmers how to; and then to train them in each stage of the process. Explaining why and how, bringing their knowledge and expertise up to the latest world technology. – We do not leave our partners alone to guess.

SynergyAgriLiving process of soil microbe enrichment result in the high quality production quality and quantity. resulting in a higher nett income per hectare.

Measuring & monitoring performance of quality & quantity of plant production is the SynergyAgriLiving model of farming success.

Six weeks after trans planting the new plant, the roots will thrive on the SynergyAgriLiving enriched soil enhancement technology, resulting in early harvest and early cash flow.

Local farmers are practically mentored and uplifted to perform according to the SynergyAgriLiving high tech farming and management techniques & standards.

Daily delivery of our top quality fresh produce, is the SynergyAgriLivingformula for growth of customer satisfaction, that results in continuous sustainable growth of orders.